Mínima is a collective based in Porto, composed of a group of people with a common passion for music.

Most of Mínima’s team members studied music from an early age and still experience it one way or another, every single day. This daily exposure to music gives Mínima an exceptional insight to understand and analyze a musical idea, and turn it into the best visuals to go along with it.

The background of every team member is, both different and alike. All have studied audiovisuals, but everyone has a different field of expertise, such as cinematography, photography, video editing and colour grading, editing and audio mixing, and even more diverse areas such as webdesign, graphic design, and digital marketing.

With 6 years of existence, Mínima has adapted and transformed itself into an increasingly tight group of people that works closely with their clients, always keeping the focus on the visual promotion of music.


To promote, through visuals, the music it believes in, boosting the growth of new audiences for different and alternative music. We want to help small creators grow and help the exchange of musical ideas between different parts of the world.


Break musical barriers.


We prefer to promote the music that moves us than profit from music that doesn’t.

We adapt our resources without harming the outcome.

We work with affection and at the appropriate pace so that we can get the best possible results.

We treat our clients as family.

We believe that consistent growth is important for an artistic career, and as such, we aim to keep growing internally as much as helping our clients grow.

We have a different view of competition: we believe our competitors can become our collaborators, extending the expertise and possibilities.

Everyone is special and all our work is personalized for each client.

Transparency: we’re always open to dialogue, we’re open about who we are, what we do and how we do it.